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Hearing Care Professionals offers comprehensive diagnostic audiology services in a comfortable, stress free private practice setting.

Hearing Evaluation

A diagnostic hearing evaluation consists of a patient history followed by a series of tests utilizing sophisticated equipment to determine the type and degree of hearing loss, speech reception thresholds and the ability to understand speech.   The examination will identify if excessive wax is present and if the eardrum is moving normally. 

Following the hearing evaluation the results of the examination will be explained .  If a hearing loss is identified, professional recommendations will be made as appropriate, based on the results of the hearing test.      


Patient Consultation

In some cases the results of the hearing test may include the recommendation that the you will benefit from hearing aids. 

You'll be given the opportunity to discuss your lifestyle and your desire for better hearing with one

of our consultants.  All of your questions will be answered in a comfortable, no-pressure environment.  We provide the information and options for you to decide what the best choice is for you personally. 

Your decision to experience not just better hearing, but the best possible hearing, has been placed in our hands, and we take that trust in us very seriously.   

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Hearing Aid Fitting

At the time of the hearing aid fitting, the hearing aids are personalized for your specific hearing loss.  Your hearing, like a fingerprint, is unique to you! We'll program your devices to meet your specific needs.

Hearing aids must be custom fit to you and your hearing loss. Your hearing aids will be programmed based on your hearing loss, your individual preferences, and the unique listening environments you are in. 

You will be given instructions how to care for and operate your hearing aids.  We take the time with you to make sure you are comfortable with the hearing aids and you are ready to experience a whole new world of sound.

After the initial fitting, you will be scheduled for follow up appointments to fine-tune your hearing aids based on your experiences and day-to-day lifestyle.

If your hearing changes in the future, the hearing aids may be re-programmed to match your hearing loss.  

Hearing Aid Service

With the purchase of hearing aids from Hearing Care Professionals, you will never be charged for an office visit. This includes all cleanings, adjustments, audiological evaluations and in office repairs. We want to make sure you are receiving maximum benefit from your hearing aids!

  • Hearing Aid Cleaning

Need your hearing aids cleaned? Complimentary cleaning of hearing aids is performed as a courtesy to all patients, regardless of where you purchased your hearing aids.

  • Hearing Aid Adjustment and Service

Hearing aids require routine care and maintenance to continue to operate at their maximum potential.  If you feel your hearing aids need an adjustment, please call to schedule an appointment to ensure adequate time is available to spend with you.

  • Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are electronic devices with small intricate parts that may occasionally fail. If your hearing aid is not working properly, bring it to us and we will diagnose the problem. If the hearing aid was purchased from us, most repairs can be performed in the office at no charge. Sometimes the hearing aid needs to be sent to the manufacturer for repair and if it is still under warranty, there is no charge to you. Any hearing aid out of warranty and sent to the manufacturer for repair will be quoted a price for repair.

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Service Guarantee


When purchasing hearing aids from

Hearing Care Professionals, you'll receive our  lifetime hearing aid service guarantee:

  • All Office Calls

  • All Adjustments and Re-programming 

  • All In-Office Repairs

  • All Cleaning and Checking 

  • All Hearing Evaluations


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