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The best compliment that we can receive is for our patients to recommend us to their family and friends!

"I have recommended Hearing Care Professionals to my friends. Dr. Coughlin will give you a thorough hearing exam. When he is done you will know exactly how much hearing loss you have. From there the consultants will recommend what you need to solve your hearing loss problems. Everyone is always willing to help you."
Larry L., Rockham, SD
"I have been with Hearing Care Professionals for over 22 years. About 2 years ago I made a big change. I went to the rechargeable hearing aids and I absolutely love them. I never have to worry about not having a battery when needed. You have an option to connect them to your cell phone- I love it. You never pay a penny for any appointment, cleaning or replacing tubes when needed. The cost of the hearing aids includes all service."
Jalby D., Aberdeen, SD
"Since the fall of 1996, Hearing Care Professionals has been my ears to the world. What has pleased me most is the service! Anytime, always polite, considerate, available and good listeners! Hearing Care Professionals isn't happy with your hearing experience until you are."
Mark K., Aberdeen, SD
"I am able to hear all conversations and hear the birds sing! What has pleased me the most is it's just like visiting family. Everyone is so pleasant and kind! Heather has been my go to person- she answers all questions and makes them seem important. She takes her time with you, you never feel hurried!"
Barb W., Aberdeen, SD
"I am now able to hear conversations around me. I can take part and hear what is being said. I can also listen to and appreciate music again. The people at the clinic are very friendly and very helpful. They will do all that they can to make sure your hearing aids work the best they can. I highly recommend Hearing Care Professionals and ReSound hearing aids to anyone that needs help with hearing."
LeRoy B., Mellette, SD
"Being able to be a part of the conversation with family and friends is important to me. Once I was fit with my hearing aids, I realized how much I was missing. I no longer had to guess what was being said and could feel comfortable participating in the conversations. My hearing aids are so discrete that many of my friends don't even realize I wear them. Every time I have contacted Hearing Care Professionals, whether in person or on the phone, I am greeted with a friendly hello and smiles that warm my heart. They have always shown sincere care and concern about how I am doing. Heather takes care of my hearing aid adjustments. She is amazing. She introduced me to TV streaming. How amazing to watch TV without having it blaring throughout the house! What a fantastic device! I will never be without one. Thanks, Heather!"
Mary Anne S., Aberdeen, SD
"Hearing Care Professionals have fit me with different aids and I have found the perfect one. I feel I don't miss out on conversations anymore. Hearing aids are a necessary part of life. I love mine! What has pleased me the most is the kindness and caring of the staff! Also all of their knowledge! I love Hearing Care Professionals!"
Kathy D., Aberdeen, SD
"I have relied on lip reading my entire life and with the current use of masks, it can be extremely difficult (if not almost impossible) for the hard of hearing to understand people. My new hearing aids have made a world of difference and have allowed me to hear without having to see their whole face. Definitely go to Hearing Care Professionals. Their quality of products is only outmatched by their quality of service."
Sarah S., Aberdeen, SD
"Since getting my hearing aids from Hearing Care Professionals I can now hear everything - conversations, television, etc. The service is great from appointments, to batteries, to general questions. A word of advice: Don't wait to start hearing better again!"
Don B., Aberdeen, SD
"Everyone at Hearing Care Professionals is so kind and caring, and so eager to help me. Thank God through their good work, I can hear. What a blessing!"
Aileen S., Mobridge, SD

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