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Be amazed by award-winning hearing aid technology, optional rechargeability, smart phone connectivity, wireless accessories and our exclusive 5 year warranty  on select hearing aid models!  

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ReSound Hearing Products

With access to more sounds than ever before, ReSound
hearing aids improve clarity and diminish background noise,  making all your favorite environments become richer and fuller.
Just Like a Fingerprint, Your Hearing is One of a Kind

The ReSound Organic Hearing philosophy lets you connect to the world around you in the most intuitive and natural way.

ReSound makes this happen by developing hearing solutions that work with your individual ear anatomy to more closely mimic how sounds are naturally collected and delivered to your brain. This frees up your brain's 'hard drive' for other activities rather than having to concentrate all your energy on listening.

Today's Hearing Aids are Small, Smart and Simple to Use

Exactly how small are today’s hearing aids? So small, the hearing aids can be virtually invisible in the ear, yet perform better than a hearing aid that previously was much larger and more cumbersome. Today you can count on more power in a smaller package.

Exactly how smart are today’s hearing aids? So smart, they process sound based on your unique hearing loss, and if your hearing changes they can be reprogrammed to match your loss.  The hearing aids so smart they are now capable of wireless connectivity to your cell phone with features such as bluetooth, volume control, program change and even find a lost hearing aid. Imagine controlling your hearing aid volume or finding a lost hearing aid with your cell phone!

Exactly how simple to use are today’s hearing aids? So simple to use the hearing aids, all you have to do is put them in your ears. They do the rest, listening to sounds around you and amplifying the voice sounds nearest you and diminishing the unwanted noise, operating fully automatically if you choose, with no buttons to push and no dials to turn. Hands-free…it can’t get any simpler than that.

It's your choice! Keep it simple, or be amazed with connectivity capability.


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Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The World's Most Advanced Rechargeable Solution

Rechargeable digital hearing aids deliver convenient, easy and reliable charging.  Today's  rechargeable hearing aids allow you to carry on with your active life without worrying about your hearing aids running out of energy before you do.

What Are the Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids?
  • Charging is quick and easy. You simply place the rechargeable hearing aids on the charger, and they’ll automatically begin charging.

  • With a full charge, the best rechargeable hearing aids can last up to 30 hours.

  • With rechargeable hearing aids, you don’t have to fiddle with changing batteries.

  • They are better for the environment than hearing aids with disposable batteries.

Are Rechargeable Hearing Aids Right For Me?

Rechargeable hearing aids are for people who don’t want to change hearing aid batteries on a regular basis. They are for individuals who want to feel confident all day in the reliability and long-lasting power of their hearing aids.

This convenient and intuitive rechargeability is a compelling feature for many hearing aid users. The rechargeable option makes it easier to enjoy all the features your digital hearing aids have to offer. You’ll get all-day power without having to fiddle with tiny, disposable batteries, nor the hassle of always having spare batteries on hand.

Rechargeable hearing aids offer convenience. Just leave them in the charger when you go to sleep, and they’ll be ready for you the next day!

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Smart Phone Technology

Our world is connected through digital communication and smartphones. Many devices connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. Now Bluetooth comes in hearing aids too.

ReSound Smart 3D App

One-tap access to everything you need for a quick adjustment. Never miss an opportunity to be fully engaged in the world around you.

  • Quick Buttons: Everything you need for quick adjustment is on the main screen for one-tap access on the go.

  • Personalize Your Hearing: Personalize your hearing even more by creating and saving your own favorite settings.

  • Tinnitus Management: Helps you cope with tinnitus by masking it with relieving sounds. Customize and adjust the sounds to fit your needs.

  • Location Based Hearing: Save your settings at your favorite locations and your hearing aids will automatically switch to those settings the next time you return.

  • Find Lost Hearing Aids: Track your misplaced hearing aids through the app.

  • Stream Sound to Your Hearing Aids: Take a phone-call hands-free instead of having to put the phone against your ear, and you can hear the other person through both ears instead of just one. 

ReSound Assist and Live Assistance

Remote Assist: Wouldn't it be great if your hearing aid settings could be updated without making a trip to our clinic? Now you can! Request assistance through the Smart 3D app. Simply answer a few short questions and we can fine-tune your settings and send the updates back to you. With a simple install prompted through the app, your hearing aids are updated and you are ready to go!

Live Assistance: Now you can also meet with us via video chat. ReSound Assist Live Assistance lets you supplement clinic visits with convenient, real-time video appointments. That means you can enjoy personalized, flexible care from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are.  It’s as easy as answering a video call on your phone. Of course we always prefer to see you in person, but when that's not possible, Live Assistance offers on the spot appointments for hearing aid adjustments and fine-tuning .  


Expand Your Hearing Experience


Hearing Aid Accessories

ReSound provides a wide range of optional wireless connectivity for streaming sound and on-the-spot personalization and control. Whether it’s a phone call, a movie or a quiet conversation in a busy restaurant, ReSound wireless accessories can adjust sound in any environment to each individual’s hearing loss to deliver the most clear, effortless hearing experience possible.


If you want to enhance your hearing aid listening experience, a variety of optional accessories are available to meet your personal needs.  

  • TV Streamer 2: Streams stereo sound from a TV, computer or music system directly to ReSound wireless hearing aids.

  • Remote Control 2: Easily and discreetly change programs, adjust volume and control streaming on your hearing aids.

  • Micro Mic: Discreet clip-on microphone that streams the wearer’s voice directly to your hearing aids.

  • Multi Mic: Discreet clip-on microphone that streams the wearer’s voice directly to your hearing aids. Also has the ability to connect with loop and FM systems, plus a mini-jack input to stream sound from virtually any source.

  • Phone Clip: Streams phone conversations and audio straight to ReSound wireless hearing aids for hands-free calls.  Most mobile phones today will stream directly to your hearing aids without this accessory.


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