Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of hearing aids?

The cost of hearing aids vary depending on the level of technology. At your patient consultation, we will go over your needs based on your hearing loss and lifestyle. All of your questions will be answered in a comfortable, no-pressure environment. We provide the information and options for you to decide what the best choice is for you personally.

Does insurance cover the cost of hearing aids?

Some health insurers do provide coverage for hearing aids. To determine if your health insurance covers hearing aids, check with your individual plan. Most plans have a toll-free number for members services listed on the insurance card. If you are unsure if you have coverage, we can contact your insurance provider to find out if your plan offers any hearing aid benefit.

Is there a trial period with hearing aids? What if I decide to return the hearing aids?

We offer a sixty day trial on all hearing aids. During the trial, you will be scheduled for follow up appointments to fine-tune your hearing aids based on your experiences and day-to-day lifestyle. If you choose to return the hearing aids, Hearing Care Professionals will refund the amount paid less the cost of each custom earmold and $275.00 for manufacturer's restocking fee.

Do I need two hearing aids?

If you have hearing loss in both ears, wearing a hearing aid in each ear is very important. Using two aids improves the effectiveness of listening and will also help you locate where sounds are coming from. Your auditory system was designed to process information from all directions, and hearing with only one ear makes that process less than half as effective as hearing with both ears.

Are hearing aids covered by a warranty?

All hearing aids are covered by a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty can be anywhere from two to five years depending on the level of hearing aid technology you purchase. We also provide free lifetime service on all hearing aids. This means that even after the warranty goes out, you will never be charged for an office visit. This includes all cleanings, adjustments, hearing evaluations and in-office repairs. Any hearing aid out of warranty and sent to the manufacturer for repair will be quoted a price for repair.

What if my hearing changes after I purchase hearing aids; will I need to buy new hearing aids?

Today's hearing aids have a wide range of sound capabilities that make it possible to adjust your hearing aids based on your changing hearing needs without the need to buy new hearing aids. We recommend having your hearing tested every other year to ensure your hearing aids are providing maximum benefit for you.

Are hearing aids waterproof?

Hearing aids are coated with a moisture proof substance that makes them resistant to moisture, but are not waterproof. We recommend keeping the hearing aids away from excessive moisture such as hairspray, the shower and bathtub. If you hearing aids do get wet, take them off, open the battery door (if not rechargeable) and let them air dry. Your aids can also be brought to our office where we can run them through a drying chamber to remove moisture.

What is tinnitus? Can hearing aids help with tinnitus?

Tinnitus is the audiological term for any ringing, buzzing, clicking, humming or any other unwanted sound in your ears. This is caused by damage to the hearing cells and tends to cause frustration and annoyance to anyone who suffers from it. Hearing aids for tinnitus masking allow people with hearing loss to hear sounds they may be missing, which can effectively cover - and remove the focus from - the tinnitus. When you are able to hear everything going on around you, it can provide relief from the internal sound of tinnitus.

I purchased hearing aids elsewhere, can they be serviced at Hearing Care Professionals?

We will clean and check any hearing aid at no cost - even if it wasn't purchased at our office. We have the programming software for multiple brands of hearing aids and may be able to do adjustments on yours. If your hearing aid needs repair, we will check with the manufacturer about your warranty and give you options.

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