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Choosing a Hearing Health Care Provider

At Hearing Care Professionals, we offer the highest quality services that redefine your expectations of hearing healthcare. When you purchase hearing aids from our clinic- you receive our lifetime service guarantee. This means you will never be charged for an office visit. This includes all hearing aid cleanings, adjustments, audiological evaluations and in-office repairs. 

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Choosing a hearing professional is one of the most important decisions an individual concerned about their hearing can make. Education and experience are key factors in finding a qualified hearing healthcare provider.

Proper diagnosis is the critical first step if you are experiencing hearing loss. If hearing aids are recommended, the prescription and fitting is highly dependent on the judgment and skill of the professional fitting the hearing instrument best suited to your needs, based on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Experienced... Knowledgeable... Professional... Caring
Hearing Care Professionals highly qualified staff is dedicated to your satisfaction.
  • Patient History

  • Otoscopy (visual inspection of the ear canal and ear drum)

  • Air Conduction Testing (measures sound traveling through the ear canal)

  • Bone Conduction Testing (measures sound traveling through the bone)

  • Speech Reception and Discrimination Testing (measures ability to understand speech)

  • Tympanometry (measures movement of the tympanic membrane/ear drum)

A consultation will follow the evaluation. A detailed explanation of the testing will be given, including the type and degree of hearing loss, the ability to understand speech, and professional recommendations will be made based on the results of the evaluation.

You will be referred to a medical doctor if there are conditions the audiologist identifies as needed to be addressed medically.

*If you experience SUDDEN hearing loss, PAIN, DRAINAGE or any other abnormality of the ear, it is NECESSARY to make an appointment with the audiologist IMMEDIATELY. Explain your symptoms to the receptionist and she will schedule you for an appointment on an emergency basis.